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Key Conference Themes for 2016 

Archiving Tomorrow will be a special 2-day world conference to highlight the single
most important issue facing the audiovisual archive world today: Saving the
endangered Audiovisual Archive heritage of the world before it is too late!

Why the urgency?

Within 10 to 15 years from now, if, as a world, we have not taken action, much of the remaining analogue and even the early born digital recordings from television, sound and film of the 20th century will be at risk of being lost forever!
Millions of hours of content are endangered, if they are not part of a preservation programme or plan in this timeframe.
In many parts of the world right now, such archives are under threat, whether it is because of conflict, climatic conditions, decaying material, lack of equipment and finances, or simple neglect or lack of knowledge.


• To raise awareness about at-risk world audiovisual archives.
• To showcase models, the many initiatives and projects already achieving
some success in this area.
• To encourage cooperation.
• To discover & encourage new opportunities to fund and support endangered
• To give a platform to archives to tell their story and pitch for support.
• To inform and showcase sustainable solutions for archives-at-risk now, so
that they will endure for future generations.

Why Ireland? 

2016 is a major commemorative 100 year anniversary in Dublin where the seeds of today’s Ireland were sown in a rebellion during Easter of 1916, events which took place at the dawn of news reel. Fragments of recordings of the turbulent
decade that followed survive today. In 100 years from now, will we be able to look back at global events of the entire 20th century history which were recorded on long obsolete media formats of the time and hope to recover and play them again?